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Time is running out for safe deposit boxes in SC!

The State of South Carolina is making one last attempt to find owners of abandoned safe deposit boxes before the contents are auctioned off. A list of the people is available by going to http://www.treasurer.sc.gov/palm_payb_prog_uncla_prop/ You'll need to have the name and claim number when you call the Palmetto Payback Program at (803) 737-4771 or submit your request by email at payback@sto.sc.gov.

If the items aren't claimed by Dec. 1, they will be auctioned off the week of Dec. 6. The money from the auction of the contents will be held for the rightful owner to claim. Look for yourself. Look for friends. Get your stuff before it's too late!


Deadline for military personnel

Those eligible for retroactive stop loss pay need to submit a claim by Dec. 3,2010. Go to http://www1.va.gov/opa/myva/index.asp for information. If you know any member of the military that may be eligible for this, let them know ASAP so they don't miss the deadline!

How could I not know this?

Friday was the deadline for open enrollment at work. I turned in my form to Human Resources. The lady reviewed it and said, "The hospital provides a life insurance policy at no cost to you. It's 1 1/2 times your base rate. Did you want to name a beneficiary?"

She said it's not a new benefit. I've worked there 5 years. How could I not know this?

Learn from my situation. Does your employer offer benefits at no cost to you that you are not aware of? Find out! And then notify your family!



It seems like it's taken forever to get this book done. But I kept finding more information. Everytime I thought I was done, I'd find something else.

Here's something that is time-sensitive to claim. If you know a veteran, make sure they know this: Those eligible for retroactive stop loss pay need to submit a claim by Dec. 3, 2010. Go to http://www1.va.gov/opa/myva/index.asp.

This and more information is available in "The Little Book of Missing Money."

This was a comment from a friend I know through church. I found his name on the Florida unclaimed property site and notified him. Here is his reply: "Why, bless you Mary. I had been to this site years ago a couple of times. The listings indicated are not mine. But I did find a listing for my brother that was not there previously, as well as two for my father who died 5 years ago. I will notify my step-mother and brother. Thank you once again."

Even if you don't find something for yourself this time, chances are you'll find money for someone you know. Why should you tell them? Besides it being the right thing to do? Because it may be them who searches and finds money for you. What goes around, comes around.

Email your success stories to me and I'll post them. Inspire others!!

I'll be a guest on Rhett Palmer's radio program Nov. 18 at 7:55 a.m. on WAXE 1370 AM in Vero Beach. You can listen online. Go to www.TheFloridaShow.com

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