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Antoinette Furst, San Diego, CA "I'm an MBA whose always been meticulous with my finances. So when I heard from Mary that I had over $1100 in unclaimed funds with the state, I definitely didn't believe it. After a little research on my own, I came to find that Mary had uncovered money that was indeed mine that for sure would have been lost forever had she not contacted me. Mary's search tactics and knowledge of where to uncover lost money and how to do it is uncanny and hands down unlike anyone that exists today."

Kathie Nelson, Beaverton, OR "Mary Pitman is a rock star. I don't know exactly how Mary does it but she is able to find money like no one I've ever seen!"

Stephanie Miles, East Saint Louis, MO "I am elated and grateful to have found $1,300 in my dad's name. This money will be useful in providing homecare for my elderly mom."

Annemarie Schuetz, "My mother-in-law died so fast she had no time to get records in order. My sister-in-law and I are SURE that there is more money out there. Now we can find it -- without hiring anyone. Thank you for this. What a difference you must be making for people."


Germaine Leonard, FL "I found $646 from an insurance policy my parents bought when I was young. My sister found the money for me by going to Michigan's State Treasury. All I had to do was claim it. Thank you, Mary, for letting people know the possibilities."

George Maher, Vero Beach, FL "Just got in and found an e-mail from a friend who listened to Mary on my broadcast yesterday. She followed Mary's simple instructions and found money within 3 minutes of beginning her search! This works!!!"

Cina Wong, Handwriting expert, Norfolk, VA "The Missing Money Lady helped me find money when I was sure I didn't have any unclaimed funds. Wow, was I glad I was wrong! Buy the book. In the end, if you find unclaimed funds, the book will be free and you many have money left over."

Steve Olsher, Author: Internet Prophets, Chicago, IL “Mary helped me save over $3,000 in finder's fees by showing me exactly what to do to claim $10,000+ owed to one of my companies. Everyone should read this book!!"

BullDog, Radio Personality, WOCM "One of the most eye-opening books I've read in years. Mary makes it easy to understand and I recovered almost $2,000!"

Hank Guarenti, Fullerton, Califormia "I had never even heard of missing money until Mary told me she found $1440.56 for me. I received the refund in less than four weeks. Thank you, Mary!"

Christopher M. Dermody, DMD, Vero Beach, Florida, found his money using search tip # 16 from the book and said, "Getting this money was easier than pulling a tooth with bone loss."

Dr. William Frazier was one of the surgeons Mary found money for. He was not familiar with www.missingmoney.com so was stunned that there was money for him that he was unaware of. After Mary assured him that the site was legitimate and there was no fee, he filed the claim. A few weeks later, he got a check for $200.

There was a female patient in his office who was going through a very difficult time financially. Since he considered his claim to be found money, he gave her the money.

When he told Mary the story, she looked him up again. There was another listing. Dr. Frazier was incredulous.

“You’re kidding!” he said as he looked over her shoulder.

“You can’t give it away,” said Mary.

“Yes I can,” said the benevolent physician.

“No, you can’t,” Mary countered. “You give it away and it just comes back to you.” He took the information and filed the claim.

A few weeks later, an employee had damaged a garage door on a model home. Her insurance wouldn’t cover the $1,000 bill. The doctor said he would advance her the money and would take out a bit from each paycheck until it was paid back. That day, his accountant called and told him the check from the state arrived. It was for $1,000.

When he shared the story with Mary, she went over to the computer and looked him up again.

“You won’t believe this,” she said.

“You’ve GOT to be kidding,” he replied with eyes wide. The check came for $265. So far, there have been no more listings.

But really, it’s only a matter of time.